MCA New Fishing Team

The fishing team traveled to Texoma on the 24th.


Photo by: Tammy O'Hanlon

The fishing team poses for a picture after a day of fishing.

Emma Bryant, Entertainment Editor

MCA Upper school established a fishing team this year. The team went up to Texoma on Sunday for their first ever tournament. There were 200 other boats at the tournament from 100+ other schools.  Boat captain Jon David Cross led juniors Jason Cross and Caleb Bryant. Boat captain Steve Free led junior JB Moore and sophomore Matthew Free.  Free was filling in for Jeff Moore who was sick. Rob Medders was boat captain to freshman Kole Medders and senior Connor Griffith.  Medders was the only person on the team to catch a fish. The tournament was originally planned for Saturday morning but was postponed due to severe wind. Sunday had less wind and was cooler than Saturday. Bryant comments, “Conditions were terrible and minimal fish were caught, but it was still a good experience to get out on the water with the team for the first time.” Jason Cross adds, “The tournament was tough, but it’s days like those that make the good days so much better. Looking forward to our next tournament in March.” The team will travel to Ray Roberts.