Tips And Tricks For A Disneyland Vacation

Tips And Tricks For A Disneyland Trip


Photo by: Isaac Suastegui

Sarah Suastegui and family went to Disneyland for a weekend trip.

Sarah Suastegui, Staff Writer

Disneyland is known as the happiest place on earth. Although it is a very magical place to be, there are many must-see attractions and some tricks that will make the Disney experience a little more enjoyable. When planning a trip to Disney, it is very important to download the Disneyland app to purchase tickets to have them mobily. This way, you don’t have to wait in line to buy tickets once you get to the park. After going through security fast passes will now be available to purchase through the app. Fastpasses save you hours of time waiting in line for only fifteen dollars a person. Some of the most famous rides are “Pirates Of The Caribbean”, “Space Mountain”, “Haunted Mansion”, “Thunder Mountain” and “It’s a Small World”. While traveling from ride to ride, make sure to take some time to pose with a character or two, They are great actors and take funny photos with every visitor. After a long day of riding roller coasters and walking all over, Disney offers some amazing restaurants, such as “Blue Bayou” that have the ambiance of a Disney movie setting that serves fancy meals.  Before leaving the park there is a must-see famous Disney firework show “Mickey’s Mix Magic.” It is an amazing show Disneyland puts on every night for its guests and is a perfect way to end a Disney filled day.