Surprise Baby Shower for Coach James


Photo by: Kristi Clark

Middle school teacher and coach Brady James gets surprised last week at the middle school chapel. They showered him with baby gifts and fun games.

Maura Cueva, staff writter

On Monday, February 25, Middle School students and staff threw a surprise baby shower for Middle School teacher Brady James during chapel. James is also the middle school girls basketball and baseball coach. James’s wife is pregnant with a baby boy who is due in March. The students decorated the Student Life Center with blue balloons and decorations. During the baby shower the students participated in several fun challenges. Middle school teachers melted chocolate bars and put them in diapers, students then had to guess what kind of chocolate it was. Another challenge they did was guess the baby food. Students were given a spoonful of baby food and were asked to guess what they thought it was. The third game was a competition of who could chug a baby bottle of apple juice the fastest. The students had a great time with friends, playing games and enjoying cake to celebrate Coach James and his wife.

Photo by: Kristi Clark
Seventh graders Jackson Iseneker and Luke Golle taste test baby food at the baby shower.
Photo by: Kristi Clark
Middle school teacher Sharon Boese and eighth grader Josh Buchanan try and guess what type of chocolate is in the poopy diaper.
Sixth grader Havilah Mahadi chugs apple juice out of a bottle in one of the baby shower games that were played in chapel last Monday.