Senior Josh Wong accepted into the Randall Research Scholars Program at Alabama


Photo by: Dina Wong

Attending the University of Alabama has always been one of Wong’s dreams; he even named his red truck Nick Saben.

Juliana Roller, Editor-in-Chief

After already receiving a full ride scholarship to the University of Alabama, senior Joshua Wong applied and was accepted into the Randall Research Scholars Program (RRSP). RRSP is an undergraduate research program that is recognized across the nation. Students in this program at this large state university have the opportunity to research one-on-one with professors. Only 40 out of the 220 applicants were accepted to this program this year, making this “the most highly qualified entering RRSP class ever” according to RRSP director Shane Sharpe, Ph.D.

Wong went through a long process in order to achieve this honor. He worked hard in school, participated in many extracurriculars, and scored high on his SAT and ACT tests. These accomplishments allowed him to not only get into the school but also receive a full ride scholarship and admission into the Honors Program. Once he completed the RRSP application, he was interviewed on the Tuscaloosa campus and wowed them with his intelligence, likable personality, and witty humor. When asked about the opportunity, Wong proudly stated, “This program will allow me to pursue my career goals while I’m getting my education at Alabama. This is a unique experience that has been offered to me because of my academic achievement at MCA.” This program will pair Wong with professional researchers around the globe to research with NASA and learn more about interplanetary travel.