Sophomore College Tour

During missions week, the MCA Sophomores traveled around Texas and Oklahoma touring colleges.


MCA sophomores enjoy the Texas A&M baseball game.

Ava Grace Haggard, Staff Writer

For Missions Week, the McKinney Christian Sophomores toured nine colleges around Texas and Oklahoma. The first stop was at LeTourneau, a D3 school that partners with MCA for their dual credit classes. The second stop was the University of Texas at Tyler. After Tyler, the sophomores traveled to Stephen F. Austin where they enjoyed a visit to the planetarium and the rec center. The next morning they woke up and toured the campus before leaving for Texas A&M. They spent the rest of the day at A&M. First, they toured the campus. After, they went to a baseball game that ended up being a highlight for many students. Lastly, they went to one of A&M’s worship gatherings “Breakaway”. The students traveled the next day to the University of Texas at Austin. They toured the Campus and enjoyed the food before heading to Waco and touring Baylor. The students went home to a night in their own bed before heading to Oklahoma the next day.

The sophomores arrived at MCA on Thursday to head to the University of Oklahoma. Half of the sophomore class headed out at 6:30 to tour OU while the other half stayed and waited on the bus to show up. All the students enjoyed the OU dining hall for lunch where they have the worlds only unlimited Chick-fil-a. The sophomores headed to Oklahoma State University. OSU was a favorite for many students. Ryan Radtke said, “OSU was my favorite partly because of the campus. It had a mix of traditional and modern pieces, including the brand new Spears School of Business building.” The final stop for the group was Oklahoma Baptist University. The group toured the campus and met with the Dean of Admissions. After a full week of touring colleges, the students were able to discern what they are looking for in their search for the right college.