First Grade Bug Day


Photo by: Elizabeth Etheredge

First graders Neah Pierce, Giada Adeogun, Dean Petska and Thomas Goodwin look closely at a dragonfly.

Madi Cheatham, Staff Writer

Photo by: Elizabeth Etheredge                               A group of first graders making crafts.

Bug Day is a day the first graders spend dressed like bugs and learn about them. The students ate food that looked like insects, crawled around while doing crafts, and played games to start off the morning. The students also got to hold and look closely at spiders, wasps, and other small insects through clear plastic containers. Each class rotated and participated in these activities. Later, the first-grade classes got to see and learn about a tarantula while it was in its container. They were all nervous at first to see the huge tarantula, but soon realized how cool it was to see in real life. Bug Day will be a day to always look forward to for the first graders and teachers.

Photo by: Elizabeth Etheredge                                  The food was shaped and designed like insects.