MCA Middle School Choir Receives 1’s at the Pride of Texas Festival.

Middle school choir sings at the “Pride of Texas” festival at Pinstack.


Photo by: courtesy photo

Middle school combined choir sings “Festival Alleluia” at the Pride of Texas fine arts festival.

Emma Bryant, Entertainment Editor

On Wednesday, April 10th, the Middle School choir took a day trip to the Pride of Texas festival at Pinstack. The festival had various school bands, choirs, and orchestras from the DFW area. There are two different Middle School choir classes divided into two groups: 6th graders and 7th and 8th graders. For the festival, however, the two small classes joined together for an all middle school performance. Choir Director, Janine Locke, comments, “This is a challenge because they do not practice together every day.” The choir was only able to practice twice as a whole before the festival. They sang “Pure Imagination” arranged by Jay Althase and “Festival Alleluia” arranged by Allen Pote. After they performed the rehearsed songs they were rated by three judges on a scale from one, being the highest, to five, the lowest. The group received superior ratings of straight one’s from the judges and high compliments. Locke explained their performance as quite extraordinary with little practice, “The fact that they received all one’s is very impressive, and puts them in a good place for their dinner show music.” The last Middle School choir performance will be at the dinner show on May 11th. Tickets for the Dinner Show can be found here