The Perot Museum Comes to MCA


Photo by: courtesy photo

Sarah Suastegui, staff writer

MCA had the privilege of welcoming the Perot Museum to MCA and provide the middle school students with hands-on lab experiences. MCA wants to provide a STEAM program within our school to help further the education of students in the math and science departments.The Innovative Teachers Team met for two sessions to plan the learning needs and expectations of the MCA student body. Teachers, Sharon Boese and Karen Krusing led a team of teachers in a hands-on workshop to encourage math and science teachers to integrate STEM activities in the classroom through 20-minute challenges. As a follow-up, MCA brought two STEM Perot sessions to the 8th-grade science classroom. The Perot Museum was here for two days and brought different workshops each day, on Wednesday they provided a lab that focused on rollercoasters and on Thursday they studied robotics. The Perot Museum will return next year to the Upper School and the following year to the Lower School to support the MCA initiative.