The Seventh Grade Play

April 26th was the opening night for the seventh grade production of Oz.


Photo by: Julie Tucker

The cast of the first seventh grade play, Oz, standing together on stage in their costumes.

Ava Grace Haggard, Staff Writer

The MCA seventh grade drama class performed the One-Act play Oz, on April 26th and 27th. It was the first play to only be performed by the seventh-grade theater class. Director and drama teacher, Julie Tucker said, “I chose the play Oz due to its iconic characters as well as its entertaining plot line and dialogue.” Each night the black box theater was filled to maximum capacity. Gracie Rike who played Glinda the Good Witch of the North said in regard to the performance, “This experience grew our acting abilities by pushing us to think of creative ways to bring our characters to life.” In the process of their production, the students not only learned how to act in a play but also how to build sets, create costumes, and run lights and sound systems. The show proved to be a positive experience, Tucker stated that both the parents and students are looking forward to next year’s production.