Kids Against Hunger


Photo by: Annie Weichel

4th and 5th graders worked together to assemble food packages.

Annie Weichel, staff writer

Photo by: Annie Weichel
Kids pose for a picture before they continue making meals.
Photo by: Annie Weichel
There were many different jobs a student could participate in one being the weigh station.

Friday, May 3 the Lower School students were paid a visit by the non-profit organization Kids Against Hunger. Kids Against Hunger is an organization that packs highly nutritious meals and distributes them to starving kids and families in 70 countries around the world. The goal of Kids Against Hunger is for the meals they distribute to provide a stable base from which families can move from starvation to self-sufficiency. This service project was organized by the Big DoGs leadership team, led by Erin Martin and Amber Gutschlag. Big DoG is a tradition where moms and dads mentor 5th graders in their walk with the Lord. Parents meet with the 5th graders once a month and lead a devotion to encourage the 5th-grade students to embrace their spirit of leadership. As a great way to end the year, Martin and Gutschlag put together a day for the 5th graders to work alongside the 4th grade and bond together while helping the community.