Tech Theatre Prepares for TAPPS One Act


Photo by: Gaby Gosa

Theatre tech students constructing a desk for the one-act play.

Belle Kanz, staff writer

Technical theatre classes are behind the scenes but they are just as important as the acting itself. Without them, there would be no set pieces, props, or costumes. Sophomore, Grant Hursh, said, “In theatre tech, I enjoy that you don’t always have to be in the spotlight to be a part of the production.” Students in these classes ensure that the production is both visually pleasing and technically efficient.

The theatre tech students have just completed their work on Schoolhouse, which placed 2nd at the TAPPS district one-act play competition and is moving on to state. For this particular play, the class constructed things like an outhouse, chalkboard, wood-burning stove, and multiple desks. In order to create these projects, the theatre teacher, Julie Tucker, purchases the supplies, organizes all the projects and assigns them to the students willing to take on the challenge. Through this class, students are granted an opportunity to explore their talents and go beyond their comfort zones. Students also have the privilege to use power tools and other equipment like sewing machines.

Students stay busy all year, as they regularly have a project to work on. Very soon, students will start to construct “seussified” sets for their upcoming Christmas productions. After that project, they will tackle the spring musical: “Beauty and the Beast.” MCA theatre tech classes work hard behind the scenes to make the plays the best they can be while gathering the skills and knowledge that comes along with the class. And once a project is finally complete, students are able to take pride in their work when it’s put to use.

Photo by: Gaby Gosa
Sophomores, Caden King and Denzel Poulter, paint the desks the class constructed.
Photo by: Christian Simonsen
Sophomore, Charli Bazor, prepares the costumes for the actors.
Photo by: Gaby Gosa
Juniors, Memorie Treigle and Aidan McKeller, use liquid latex, makeup, and fake blood to create realistic looking wounds.