Lil Stangs Soccer


Photo by: courtesy

The team photo for the Kindergarten Lil stangs team.

John Delatte, staff writer

courtesy photo
courtesy photo                                                                The Lil Stangs defend the opposing team with their backs against the wall.
courtesy photo                                                             The Lil Stangs transition from defense to offense looking to score.

The Lil Stangs Kinder soccer team just finished up their season placing third in the PSA “A” division with a winning record of 4-3-1. The majority of the team had never played soccer before, but by the end of the season they were playing positions correctly and getting into formations for corner kicks. Their goal for the year was to “glorify God by learning how to play soccer and have fun” according to coach Jared Maier. The Lil Stangs finished out the season on a strong note defensively only allowing one goal in the final two games. Maier awarded the “fighting heart” award to Griffin Wilkerson for playing with toughness and grit all season.  The Lil Stangs are anxious and ready to compete and show more toughness next season.