Andrea McAnally’s Life Outside of School

Andrea McAnally runs a famous Instagram page and blog.


Photo by: courtesy photo

Angelina Li, staff writer

Middle School math teacher, Andrea McAnally, is an Instagram influencer. Amassing over 25,000 followers on Instagram, McAnally posts regularly on her instagram mainly featuring pictures of her children. McAnally also runs a blog, Momfessionals, promoting products, sharing recipes, and demonstrating DIY projects.

McAnally started her blog on the internet when she was pregnant with her oldest child, Luke. The math teacher had originally planned on just making the blog to share pictures and stories with her friends and family. McAnally said “When I started blogging 12 years ago I had no idea that it would turn into a platform enabling me to make connections, support my family and share my faith.  It’s been an unexpected blessing and I’m forever grateful for the opportunity.” McAnally gained followers from Pinterest as well, from people saving and sharing her pins. As her Instagram page, blog, and other social media grew, McAnally became connected with an affiliate company, helping her connect with retailers to partner with. Running the blog for almost 10 years, McAnally now has promotions which deal with numerous companies, including Nordstrom, and hosts giveaways for all her followers to participate in. Through her online influence and work ethic, McAnally has become a prominent influence to her followers as well as the students she teaches.

Photo by: courtesy photo
Andrea McAnally and her family taking a picture in a forest to put on her instagram.
Photo by: courtesy photo
Andrea McAnally taking a picture with her daughter, Griffin, in their clothes from Nordstrom for her promotion deal.