How Classes Celebrate Christmas


Photo by: Karen Stewart

A group of Mrs. Stewart’s kindergarten students take a picture in front of their “Gifts to Jesus.”

Belle Kanz, staff writer

Christmas is coming soon, and many Lower School classes are preparing to celebrate the holiday season with a party, or by making crafts like cards or ornaments. The second and fourth grades will both be having parties as a class.

Fourth grade’s theme is giving to others. At their party, they will be making Christmas cards for the “You are Not Alone” program that is run through Meals on Wheels as well as doing the “Candy Cane Bomb the Parking Lot” project. This project involves taping candy canes to cards and putting them on the windshields of all the cars in theĀ  MCA parking lot.

Fifth grade will be making ornaments for their class Christmas tree and will make poet-trees about their favorite Christmas tradition.

The kindergarteners will do “Gifts for Jesus,” where they discuss how they can celebrate Jesus’ birthday by giving Him gifts. When a student is being diligent, or showing kindness, patience or thoughtfulness, the teachers will write a note and place it on the Christmas bulletin board. This will be a way for the kindergarten students to give a gift to Jesus.

From kindergarten to fifth grade, most of Lower school is finding a way to enjoy this Christmas season as a class and learn that the true reason for Christmas is to celebrate Jesus’ birth.

Photo by: Cindy Hamilton
Mrs. Hamilton’s kindergarten students Sofia Crespi, Griffin Wilkerson, Marius Schoenberg and Clara Huffman take a picture while holding their “Gifts for Jesus.”