2019 Winter Fashion Trends

Samantha Youngblood, staff writer


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Sequins add the best pop to any outfit this season. Whether in the form of a top, skirt, or accessory, sequins are the perfect touch to add a little fun to your winter fit. Denim jackets, black jeans, or a solid colored t shirts make great pairs with sequins. Sequin dresses, long or short, are also very trendy for special events.







Animal Pattern Booties

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Booties are always a cute addition to any outfit, but animal print booties are the new trend. Leopard and python booties are very popular. These boots even come in a variety of colors and styles. Pair these super cute shoes with some simple jeans or even a skirt. Make any look a little fancier with animal print boots.







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Some might say that turtlenecks are a thing of the past, but these sweater have come back into style. Turtlenecks are the perfect top for any casual look. Tuck them into a skirt or jeans for a simple, but somewhat vintage look.








Oversized Sweaters

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Oversized tops have always been a trend, but now staying warm and being trendy has been made easy by oversized sweaters. Pair one with leggings and tall boots for the perfect winter look. Jeans and tennis shoes also make a great fit. Bright sweaters add a pop of color and dark sweaters tone down it down for a more sophisticated look.