4th Grade Lego Catapult Challenge


Photo by: Michelle Miller

Fourth graders, Dusty Thibodeaux and Wheeler Clayton with their lego catapult

Samantha Youngblood, staff writer

On February 6th, the 4th grade students had the opportunity to learn a little bit about physics with the Perot Museum. A few staff members from the Perot Museum arrived at McKinney Christian Academy with thousands of legos to help students build  catapults. Students split into groups and chose the most powerful catapult to build. One construction was complete, students launched their catapults in the circle, and after some critiques, they had the chance to adjust their catapults to improve the length of their launch to get the highest score possible after another launch. Fourth Grader, Joel Allen’s highest catapult shot was 340 cm. Overall, the catapult challenge was a great way for the 4th graders to learn about simple machines, physics, and engineering.

Photo by: Michelle Miller
Fourth grade girls Alice Maszy and Bella Goodwin build their catapults before launching them.