Expressing Faith During Quarantine


Photo by: courtesy photo

People are placing wooden crosses in their front yard to express ‘Faith Not Fear.’

Belle Kanz, staff writer

Although COVID-19 has taken away the ability to physically go and share the Gospel with others, Christians can still find ways to express their faith and share the Gospel during quarantine. A big way that the church is reaching others is through online church service, which anyone can attend from the comfort of their homes. Another way that Christians can share Jesus with others is by making simple cards with encouraging Bible verses and a short version of the Gospel and placing these cards in mailboxes around the neighborhood. Even starting a small business and using the money to buy donations is a way to help out, and sharing Jesus can be a part of the business. In fact, two brothers from Macon, Georgia have started a small business. Lane Rainey and his younger brother Hippy, have been building wooden crosses for people’s front yards and selling them for $20.00 each all across Central Georgia. They are using the money they earn to buy things like snacks to donate to the hospital break rooms, all while sharing their faith. It is all part of the ‘Faith Not Fear’ campaign, which is encouraging others to build their own crosses as well and put them in their yards as a display of faith during the COVID-19 pandemic. From building and putting a cross on your front yard to a simple prayer or card in a neighbor’s mailbox, there are many meaningful ways to express faith during these times.