Empty Churches on Easter


Photo by: courtesy photo

First Baptist McKinney, one of the churches in our community, empty due to COVID19.

Victoria Boyd, Staff Writer

As we all know, COVID-19 has created a “new normal” for all of us and our daily lives. Many people’s jobs have been affected, and thousands of students are currently attending online school. Along with these dramatic changes, thousands of churches around the world have also been affected. This past Easter was known as “The Easter of empty churches” because every church around the world has been ordered to lock their doors this Easter Sunday. Many churches have started streaming their sermons online, so families are able to worship from inside their home. Other churches have hosted drive-in sermons and worship, in which people park their cars in the parking lot and listen to the pastor speak from a distance. Usually, the church is busting at the seams in order to accommodate the number of people flooding in on Easter, so the empty buildings around the world are definitely a change we have never witnessed in our lifetime. Despite the inability to congregate together as the body of Christ, people were still able to lift up their praises from their houses. Even if we are not in the same building, God still hears our praise.