How Sports will Come Back


The NFL and NCAA will have the biggest task ahead of them when deciding how to conduct the season.

John Michael Delatte, staff writer

Sports play a large role in American culture but our society as we know it has come to a standstill. Sports have been canceled entirely for almost three months now. With that being said eventually, our lives will return to normal, but what does that gradual return look like for the sports world? That is the question that everyone is debating, will we have no fans? Will we have a small number of fans spaced out? Will players have to live with their teams? Some people have even brought up the idea of having the league being stationed in one place. All of these options could be possible, but we truly have no idea how sports will come back. The PGA Tour and the Premier League are the only organizations that have really publicized their plans to return. The PGA Tour announced that they would return to play June 8th and the Premier League announced that they have been supported by the UK Government to start play again June 1st. Now we just have to wait to see what the NCAA and NFL decide to do for the fall.