DeBord, Cheney and Stewart say their Final Goodbye to MCA

Honoring Three Teachers who gave their Hearts to their Students.


Photo by: LifeTouch

Three teachers say their final goodbyes to MCA.

John Michael Delatte, staff writer

MCA will be losing a few devoted teachers this year to retirement or to pursue other callings, but we are very thankful for all they have done for McKinney Christian students and their community. 

Mrs. Stewart has been a teacher at MCA for 17 years. She taught Preschool her very first year at MCA and then taught Kindergarten after that for the last 16 years. Mrs. Stewart said that she was brought to MCA because she wanted to help students grow in all aspects of life. When she was asked about one of her favorite memories at MCA she said that her favorite memories always came on the first and last days of school. She said that the first day is always great because God brings new people into her life and she loves the last day because she gets to sit back and reflect on all of the progress that those very same kids have made.

Another teacher that is retiring after this year is Mary Ann Cheney. Cheney has taught in the Upper School Math department for 10 years. She has taught a multitude of different classes in the upper school math department including Honors Algebra 2, one year of College Algebra, Precalculus, Honors Precalculus, and AP Calculus. She felt called to MCA because she thought that it would be a good fit for her because it matched her vision for Christian education. When asked her what she was looking forward to most in retirement she said that she was looking forward to cruising, scrapbooking, and also homeschooling her grandchildren in Math. 

Last but not least, Dr. Jane DeBord is leaving MCA after this year to pursue her calling in Tyler, Texas. DeBord has taught at MCA for 14 years. Dr. Debord has taught 9th,10th, and 12th grade English she has also started the debate team and took over as the department chair post of MCA Tapps. Dr. Debord was brought to MCA because of her old boss Kevin Fields who had taken a position as head of  School at MCA. Dr. Debord couldn’t see herself working for anybody else so she decided to apply for the upper school English opening and the rest was history. When asked about her time spent at MCA, she said that her favorite memories have come from retreat because she ha loved the opportunity to spend time with students outside of school.

On behalf of the MCA family, we are sad to see these teachers leave, however, we know that God has lots of good things in store for them and everyone they come in contact with.