Governor Abbott’s Statement on Phase One


Photo by: courtesy photo

Food court practicing social distancing for phase one.

Victoria Boyd, Staff Writer

On April 27th, Governor Abbot released a statement for Texas declaring his plans to begin phase one at the beginning of May. Abbott stated, “Now more than ever, Texans must remain committed to safe distancing practices that reduce the spread of COVID-19, and we must continue to rely on doctors and data to provide us with the safest strategies to restore Texans’ livelihoods. We must also focus on protecting the most vulnerable Texans from exposure to COVID-19. If we remain focused on protecting the lives of our fellow Texans, we can continue to open the Lone Star State.”¬†As of May 1st, all movie theaters, shopping malls, restaurants, museums, libraries, and retail stores are being allowed to reopen. All services must limit their capacity to 25% of their original listed capacity, and many places are requiring people to use gloves and masks when entering the building.¬†Social distancing must still be in place for those who are interested in entering public spaces once again. Many are using gloves and masks when entering the public. Phase one will last until May 18th, followed by elevated steps to normalcy. As a community, we must take care of each other during this pandemic. Physical distancing is important to remember but we do not have to distance ourselves socially. Please continue to reach out and pray for loved ones and keep in touch with those important in your life.