In a Close Race Faulkner Pulls Through

Seniors Asa Miller and Hayden Faulkner run against each other for student body president.


Korey Vita, staff writer

Every year students at McKinney Christian Academy make a choice to change the school for the better. This year student body president representatives Hayden Faulkner and Asa Miller are running against each other. Their goal is for the students voices to be heard and continue to make MCA a better place.

Senior representative Hayden Faulkner and vice Maggie George are campaigning for President and Vice President. Faulkner posted on his Instagram story five improvements he will make on campus. He is campaigning for better t-shirt designs, bring back vending machines, give student appreciation days and allow snacks in maskless classrooms. Faulkner says, “As president of the student body I want to focus on making this year as enjoyable as possible. We have a lot of interesting challenges with Covid-19 but I have thought of many creative ways to overcome them. I am the best candidate for you because I not only have ideas but I have what it takes to get things done. I have had many great conversations with Mrs. Smith and we already have things moving behind the scenes.” Faulkner has also negotiated with Upper School Principal Laura Smith to get a senior cookout with games for the Friday of homecoming since the normal activities cannot happen.

Seniors Asa Miller and Emma Demaagd are the other student body President and Vice President representatives. Miller’s slogan is, “A Better Option.” He simply claims to be the better option for student body president and also promises the same changes as Faulkner.

The race for student body president is close, with almost half voting for Miller and the other half for Faulkner. After all the votes are counted, the winner is President Hayden Faulkner and Vice President Maggie George.

President Hayden Faulkner and Vice President Maggie George pose for a photo after being elected. (Photo by: Daniela Morales)
Senior Asa Millers campaign poster. (Photo by: Abbi Cooper)