The Lil Stangs Volleyball Remain Undefeated

Lil Stangs team photo after the game.

Photo by: Kaleigh Hughes

Lil Stangs team photo after the game.

Sky Miller, Staff Writer

This year the Lil Stangs had to delay the beginning of their volleyball season but they are ready to get back on the court with high spirits. The Lil Stangs volleyball team played their first game against Little Spikers on September 19. For many of the players, this is their first time playing volleyball or a team sport.  The girls played three sets and won all of them. Coach Kaleigh Hughes said, “The girls are picking up the basics of the game quickly and loving the sisterhood with their teammates. Having a team to lean on has been particularly refreshing for the girls during this pandemic where they have largely been separated from their peers.” The next Lil Stangs game will be on Saturday, October 10 at 8 a.m. against The Porcupines.

The Lil Stangs getting ready to receive the ball.
First and second combined Lil Stangs volleyball teams gets ready to receive a serve. (Photo by: Kaleigh Hughes)
Second grader Ariel Kergosien gets ready to serve the ball. (Photo by: Kaleigh Hughes )
Second grader Griffin McGinnis draws back to serve the ball. (Photo by: Kaleigh Hughes)
First grader Harper Conkle focuses on the ball before she serves.