Get to Know Bryce Atwood

Bryce Atwood, a student with many talents.


Photo by: Laney LeBlanc

Bryce Atwood poses for his headshot.

Laney LeBlanc, staff writer

Bryce Atwood is a senior at McKinney Christian Academy. He participates in ensemble and sang the National Anthem at this year’s Homecoming football game. When asked about singing at the game, he said, “It was pretty cool. I’ve sung with the choir before but doing it individually, I’d never done before here at MCA. It was quite the experience and I really enjoyed it.” Outside of school, Atwood enjoys golf, shooting guns, and hunting. Atwood also enjoys watching older entertainment such as The Andy Griffith Show and It’s a Wonderful Life. After high school, he wants to be an entrepreneur and do real estate development.