Lower School Pajama Day


Photo by: Meagan Stephenson

Fourth graders Maddie Anderson and Valesca Cormney pose for a photo on Pajama Day.

Sarah Krusing, staff writer

This past Friday was Pajama Day in Lower School. Every October the Lower School students put away their uniforms and keep on their pajamas. Usually there is a parade where the fifth graders walk down the deck high fiving all the other students, but with COVID-19 the parade is going to be moved to spring. All of the students still wore their pajamas and had a blast. Second grader Rebecca Dominguez added, “My favorite part of pajama day was bringing my stuffed animal to school and eating donuts with my friends.”


Second grader Rebecca Dominguez poses for a photo while coloring on Pajama Day. (Photo by: courtesy photo)
Kindergarten teacher Cindy Hamilton works with students on Pajama Day. (Photo by: courtesy photo)
First Grader Benjamin Barli poses for a photo while laying under his desk. (Photo by: courtesy)