What Book Would You Choose?

Fifth grade experiences a new twist in education with book tasting.


Photo by: courtesy photo

Fifth grade students observing different books during the book tasting.

Samantha Youngblood, Campus Editor

On October 21, 5th grade students had the opportunity to participate in a “Book Tasting”. The purpose of the book tasting was for students to decide which book club to be in over the course of the next six weeks. This particular book tasting was over the fantasy genre. There were four different books on the tables and students rotated around looking at the cover of the book, reading the back cover and a few pages of the first chapter. The books included in the tasting were: Fowl, Warriors: A Call of the Wild, The Girl Who Drank the Moon and Circus Mirandus. After they browsed the books, students filled out a brochure to record their thoughts and opinions of each book. Students also ranked the four books from their favorite to least favorite. Fifth grade teacher Ashlie Lamb then formed the book clubs with four students in each based on their book preference. Over the next six weeks, students will be assigned a job to complete for their group. For example, discussion director, word wizard and summarizer. The book tasting provided a fun and interactive way for 5th grade students to have input into what they will read.

Fifth grader Mercy Simmons “tasting” a book. (Photo by: courtesy photo)