MCA High School Sweethearts Tie The Knot

Nathan and Liz Hamilton, MCA high school sweethearts, tie the knot.


Nathan and Liz Hamilton tie the knot.

Karissa Harrison, campus editor

Liz (Wong) Hamilton takes a picture for her wedding.

2020 had a happy ending for Nathan and Liz Hamilton. These MCA alumni and high school sweethearts tied the knot on December 30. They started dating in their junior year of high school and graduated in 2016. They continued to date for 4 years before getting married.

When asked about her opinions of high school relationships, Liz Hamilton answered, “I think that highschool relationships can be overrated and underrated. Overrated because you know, it’s high school, nothing is ever as dramatic as it seems. Underrated because with the right attitude, work, and purpose, it can become something that blossoms with maturity and real commitment. Ultimately, it’s the mindset you come into it with that produces a lot of what you can get out of it. That’s true of any relationship at any stage, but I think high school can be confusing about what you want, who you want–all while trying to figure out who you’re trying to be, so going into a relationship and trying to figure out all those important questions in the meantime can definitely muddle things. Being clear about what you want (and knowing what you actually need) is so important. And no, I didn’t figure any of this out until after high school.”

Her thoughts about being MCA high school sweethearts were, “No matter how hard you try to hide it, everyone will find out, and no matter how cool you think you look, the teachers definitely think you look ridiculous and practice too much PDA. Shout out to Mrs. Pajela for catching us kissing in the parking lot.”

Congratulations to the newlyweds!