Senior Ryan Radtke Receives Army ROTC Scholarship


Photo by: courtesy photo

Senior Ryan Radtke earns a four year full tuition scholarship.

Abigail Thomas, staff writer

Senior Ryan Radtke has been attending MCA for four years. Radtke is involved in Varsity Baseball, Varsity Cross Country, NHS and Mu Alpha Theta. Recently, Radtke has been awarded a four-year Army Reserve Officer Training Corps Scholarship to his top three college choices: Notre Dame, Oklahoma State and Penn State. ROTC programs provide officer training for students during college in exchange for scholarship money. In return, the students commit to serving for a set period of time after graduation.

Radtke is one of three thousand scholarship winners in the nation. Upon receiving this scholarship, he is offered full tuition, books and fees along with a 500 dollar monthly stipend. In return, he will be serving in the United States Army for at least four years. During his four years in college, Radtke will take physical training and military classes to become an artillery officer and majoring in Finance.

The process to apply for the scholarship includes going through several interviews, physical training and medical tests and review boards. However, the application process is only part of the requirements. ROTC officers look for candidates with leadership skills who are academically sound, but also leaders outside of the classroom. When asked what it took to accomplish this position, Radtke replied, “I had to step out of my comfort zone and lead my peers in the classroom, on the baseball field, and in my church. I also had to keep good grades and do community service.” 

Radtke was inspired by his dad who attended West Point and served in the Army for six years. He says, “I admire what my dad has done for my family and I want to do the same for mine one day.” By carrying on this legacy, he hopes to honor God and protect those he loves. This four-year scholarship will assist him in achieving his dreams.