Texans Say Goodbye to Masks

After almost a year of masks being mandated to all of Texas, Governor Greg Abbott lifts the mandate in hopes of restoring the normal routines of Texans.


Photo by: Courtesy Photo

Governor of Texas announcing the end of the mask mandate.

Paxton Crews, staff writer

On March 2nd, Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced the opening up of the state after almost a year of mandates due to COVID-19. Abbott issued an executive order, GA-34, lifting restrictions imposed on Texas citizens due to COVID-19 set to be effective on Wednesday, March 10. This new order allows businesses to begin operating at full capacity as of March 10. Abbott made this decision saying, “With the medical advancements of vaccines and antibody therapeutic drugs, Texas now has the tools to protect Texans from the virus.” Texas has invested in anti-body therapeutic dogs that have helped reduce the number of people in the hospitals around the state. The development of COVID-19 vaccines has also helped facilitate the reopening of Texas in hopes of restoring normalcy within the lives of Texans. Over 5.7 million Texans have been vaccinated and this number continues to rise rapidly. Abbott’s new mandate allows Texans and businesses to take their own safety precautions like continuing to wear masks if desired.

McKinney Christian Academy will continue following the same mask protocol already in place requiring masks for all students and will reassess at the end of March.