Boese Given the Honor of International Teacher Liaison

Sharon Boese is one of 27 people to be chosen to be an International Teacher Liaison for 2021.


Photo by: courtesy photo

Mrs. Boese poses with an astronauts glove and cap on at the Space Exploration Education Conference.

Korey Vita, staff writer

Middle School science teacher, Sharon Boese, was selected to be apart of the Space Foundation Teacher Liaison program in 2021. Space Foundation is an internationally recognized organization that was founded in 1983 to support education and industries for the global space ecosystem. The Teacher Liaison program is a highly competitive program that selects 27 participants from around the world each year. The program was created in 2004 to support STEM teachers and help advance the integration of science principles into the classroom. Each group selected is called a “flight.” Boese was selected to be a part of 27 people, including being one of 14 in the United States and the only teacher selected from the state of Texas to be in Flight 18-21.

The logo for the Space Foundation International Teacher Liaison program. (Photo by: courtesy photo)

Boese applied to be a Teacher Liaison in December 2020 and found out she was selected to be a part of Flight 18-21 in March 2021. Mrs. Boese said, “I was very excited when I found out I was chosen, but I was even more surprised to know that there were thousands that applied and only 27 selected! I’m proud to be the only TL in Flight 18-21 from the great state of Texas!” Through the Teacher Liaison program, Boese will be writing and implementing aerospace lessons and collaborating with classrooms around the world. Also, Boese will be involved in learning different aspects of aerospace companies, such as Lockheed Martin, and including information she learned into the curriculum for elementary, middle and high school classrooms. Boese is excited to continue to learn more about space from the program and through conversations with fellow science teachers. Mrs. Boese said, “I also love interacting with space enthusiasts from around the world. I love to hear how different countries are engaging in the quest in exploring space as well as gaining insight into international classrooms at every level.”