Gordon and Olawale Honored by McKinney Rotary Club

Seniors Ian Gordon and Nise Olawale are honored by the McKinney Rotary Club.


Photo by: Izzy Reed

Seniors Nise Olawale and Ian Gordon pose for a picture.

Angelina Li, staff writer

This spring, seniors Nise Olawale and Ian Gordon were chosen by the MCA administration to represent MCA as the McKinney Rotary Club Students of the Month. The McKinney Rotary Club cultivates leaders all around McKinney and seeks to make it a better community. The students, parents and Principal Laura Smith participated in the meeting through a zoom call where they listened to guest speakers and the selected students had to give presentations. When Olawale was asked about how she felt about it being her last year in Rotary Club, she stated, “I am so honored and grateful to have been picked as Student of the Month by the Rotary Club. Although we were unable to gather and meet in person, it was amazing to hear from leaders of different non-profit organizations dedicated to helping not only people in Texas, but people around the world. This has encouraged me to continue to serve and help my community even after I graduate from high school.”