Senior Walk 2021

The 2021 Senior class take the annual senior walk around the school.


Photo by: Laura Smith

The graduating class of 2021 take the senior class picture in their cap and gown.

Sky Miller, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, April 28, the Senior Class of 2021 participated in the annual senior walk. The senior walk is an MCA tradition in which the senior class takes “a trip down memory lane.” The soon-to-be graduates dress in their cap and gown for this special occasion. The walk starts in the SLC, from there the seniors walk around the school, through the Middle School, through the Lower school, where they finish at the cross for pictures. Many of the Lower, Middle, and Upper School students step out of their classrooms to acknowledge and celebrate our 2021 graduating seniors. The Lower School students reach their hands out for high fives as the seniors walk down the deck. During the walk, the MCA senior parents gather around the graduating students to take pictures and watch their sons and daughters walk by. This is an emotional and special experience for the seniors as well as the parents. As the seniors walk around the campus, they recall many old memories from their previous years at MCA and say hello to their former teachers. This is also a proud moment for the younger siblings of these seniors to see their older brother or sister in their cap and gown for the first time. Students such as, senior, Korey Vita that have attended MCA since Pre-K are known as “lifers.” For lifers, this occasion is even more memorable because they were once in the shoes of the younger students 14 years ago. Vita said, “The senior walk is a really cool tradition at MCA. I remember watching it as a lower school student, and it is fun to be able to participate in it now. I enjoyed being able to walk through the campus that I have gone to school in my whole life and seeing the little kids smile as I high-fived them.” When the 12-year attendant of MCA, Asa Miller was asked why the walk was important to him he said, ” The senior walk was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed taking pictures with the rest of my class in our cap and gown. It was important to me because I got to go through the campus where I essential grew up. As I walked through the school I was able to see the younger students behind me which put how far I’ve come into perspective.” As the school year comes to a close, and the seniors get closer to graduation they look back at all their years at MCA. These beloved seniors will be missed by students and staff as they take the next step into their future. Graduation will be held on May 14th at 7 pm at Cottonwood Creek.

The Lower School students reach out their hands for a high five as the seniors pass by. (Photo by Kate Nordhaus)
The seniors reach down to high five the younger students. (Photo by: Kate Nordhaus)
The seniors begin their senior walk down the deck. (Photo by: Kate Nordhaus)
The seniors smile as they high-five the students in Lower School. (Photo by: Kate Nordhaus)
The seniors walk through the Middle School. (Photo by: Kate Nordhaus)
The seniors walk through the Middle School. (Photo by: Kate Nordhaus)
Seniors smile as they walk down the Middle School quad. (Photo by: Kate Nordhaus)
Students that have been attending MCA since Pre-K pose for a picture. (Photo by: Laura Smith)
The Class of 2021 celebrates the end of the year by throwing their caps in the air. (Photo by: Laura Smith)