Worship Band Releases First Album

The Worship Band releases their first ever album after recording professionally.


Photo by: Ken Snow

Senior Ethan Selz playing the drums during a song they recorded in their album.

Ken Snow

Summer Utzig, staff writer

After travelling to Crystal Clear Sound Recording Studio in Dallas a few weeks ago, the Worship Band professionally released their first album. In the album, senior vocalist and pianist Summer Crise co-lead the songs “Holy Water” and “You Won’t Relent” while senior Ava Grace Haggard lead on the song “Almighty God.” Maddie Clark led vocals on “Defender.” Senior Cole Wilkinson plays the electric guitar and vocals while juniors Trevor Clark and Marshall Stubbs play guitar. Clark co-lead on song “Holy Water” and lead on “Scandal of Grace.” Wilkinson co-lead on “You Won’t Relent” with senior Ethan Selz playing drums for every song.

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