Senior Spotlight: Alyssa Ballestro and Ian Gordon


Photo by: Courtesy

On the left is senior Ian Gordon and on the right is senior Alyssa Ballestero.

Annie Weichel, Editor-in-Chief

Alyssa Ballestro has attended McKinney Christian Academy since kindergarten. During this time she has been involved in National Honor Society and helps in the after school ESS program. In her free time she enjoys writing, drawing, watching tv and cooking. After high school her plan is to attend Letourneau University and majoring in Computer Science and Engineering. Her favorite MCA memory was watching the seniors compete in a relay at a pep rally her freshman year. A fun fact about Alyssa Ballestro that most people do not know is that she can juggle.

Ian Gordon has attended McKinney Christian Academy since the first grade. At MCA he has been involved in varsity soccer and National Honor Society. Outside of school Gordon enjoys hanging out with his friends and playing soccer. Post high school he plans to attend Purdue University to study Mechanical Engineering. His favorite MCA memory was the soccer game against Bishop Dunn this past season where David Roller scored a goal. A fun fact about Ian Gordon that most people do not know is that outside of school he is a completely different person, in school he is usually introverted while outside of school he is more extroverted.