Senior Spots 2021

Seniors painted their parking spots outside the Upper School.


Photo by: Tyler Swearingen

Senior Jay Johnson does a cartwheel over his parking spot.

Tyler Swearingen, staff writer

For the fourth year in a row, seniors have had the opportunity to paint their parking spots outside the Upper School. This privilege is a way for the seniors to show their creativity and decorate their spots with design approved by Upper School principal, Laura Smith. Alumni, Rex Collins first suggested the idea back in 2019.The fundraiser idea was proposed to raise money for the senior retreat. To paint their parking spots the seniors pay a fee of $125 and submit a sketch for approval. The seniors had two weeks during the summer to paint their spots. During those two weeks, the seniors were able to paint after five p.m. to stay out of the summer heat. When asked about the inspiration for his parking spot senior Jay Johnson stated “ I was out on Saturday morning with my friends playing flag football and my friend shouted out full send. Once he said that slogan, the idea struck me immediately and I wanted to put it on my parking spot for everyone to see.”  Take a drive through the Upper School parking lot to check out the creativity of the seniors painted on the concrete.

Senior Sam Youngblood poses in front of her parking spot.
Senior Madi Cheatham finished her spot and took a picture of it.