First Home Game Of The 2021-2022 Season

The Mustangs Varsity football team falls short, 55-22, in their first home game against Collinsville High School.


Photo by: Kate Nordhaus

Sophomore Austin George running to the sidelines during a timeout.

Allie Stephenson, staff writer

On Friday, September 10, The McKinney Christian Academy varsity football team played against Collinsville High School. The Mustang’s first home game took place at the Ron Poe Stadium. Senior Zeke Long scored a seven yard touchdown against the Pirates. Long plays wide receiver and defensive cornerback. Long said, “The game was tough because we only completed four passes and we need to get our offense flowing and averaging 30 points a game.” Sophomore Noah Wheeler had one touchdown and 21 tackles in Friday night’s game.  Wheeler plays offensive slot receiver and defensive linebacker. Senior Dalton Sanders landed a touchdown while playing running back for the Mustangs. Sophomore Austin George said, “I love being a part of Mustang football because we are a family.” Even though the MCA football team played their hardest, Collinsville took the lead and won 55-22. The Mustangs football team now holds a 0-2 record.