2021 Homecoming Proposals


Photo by: JD Keck

Junior Matthew McDowell asked Junior Sarah Krusing after a home volleyball game.

Samantha Youngblood, Editor-In-Chief

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  • Sophomore Austin George surprised Senior Samantha Youngblood in her driveway after she got home from a trip.

    Photo by: Carson Lee
  • Junior Josh Buchanan asks Junior Kate Nordhaus one day after school.

    Photo by: Courtesy Photo
  • Sophomore Jacob Dover-Smith asked Freshman Brooklyn Caludio one day before school.

    Photo by: Courtesy Photo
  • Junior Belle Kanz was asked by an out of school date.

    Photo by: Melissa Kanz
  • Freshman Marc Jensen asked Sophomore Lauren Etheredge at Erwin Park.

    Photo by: Lily Jornod
  • Freshman Shane Robinson asked Freshman Leslee Buchanan to homecoming one day before school.

    Photo by: Courtesy Photo
  • Senior Adam Gerdes threw rocks at Senior Madi Cheatham’s window and asked her to the dance.

    Photo by: Austin George
  • Freshman Preston Reeves asked Sophomore Ava Thompson with a Sonic blast.

    Photo by: Courtesy Photo
  • Junior Nate McMahon asked Junior Brooke Jensen with her favorite cookies from Crumbl.

    Photo by: Kim Jensen
  • Former MCA student JD Keck asked Junior Dylan Searles over the weekend at her house.

    Photo by: Courtesy Photo
  • Junior Lexi Pogue’s boyfriend asked her using a Bible verse.

    Photo by: Courtesy Photo
  • Freshman Carter Kincheloe asks Freshman Amanda Goss one day before school.

    Photo by: Courtesy Photo
  • Senior Reed Lannom asked Junior Abby Thomas in newspaper class.

    Photo by: Paxton Crews
  • Freshman Judd Witte asked Freshman Mia Gunn with her favorite smoothie.

    Photo by: Courtesy Photo
  • Senior Maddox Pederson asked Senior Maddie Clark to the homecoming dance for the third time.

    Photo by: Marcy Pederson

Each year, MCA hosts a homecoming game and dance. These traditions are cherished by many MCA Upper School Students. For the dance, students have the option to go with a group, or to go with a date. Traditionally, some Upper School boys will ask a girl to the homecoming dance with a colorful and creative sign and maybe some flowers. In the gallery are photos of some of this year’s homecoming proposals.