Students Honored Through College Board Recognition Program


Photo by: Liz Rabbia

Pictured are the students who were recognized by College Board.

Reed Lannom, staff writer

This year, multiple students from McKinney Christian Academy have been recognized for the College Board Recognition program. The College Board administers the SAT and PSAT college entrance exams and also recognizes academic honors. The national recognition program grants students academic honors that can be used on college applications. The program is designed to create pathways for underrepresented students to attend college through the awarding of academic honors. These honors can also be used for application for scholarships and are a privilege to receive. The program is available to ethnic minorities or those who attend schools in rural areas or small towns and who have excelled in their AP Exams or PSAT test. This year multiple students from MCA have been recognized. The seniors recognized are Samantha Youngblood as an Indigenous scholar, Alexander Gicheru and Jalen Wheeler as African American scholars. Junior Gabby Gordon was also recognized as a Hispanic scholar. When asked about how she felt about being in the program, Youngblood said “I am honored to have been recognized by the College Board as an Indigenous scholar. All of the ACT and SAT testing and tutoring paid off, and I am happy to represent MCA in this program.”