2021 Homecoming Week

Homecoming week is filled with spirit dress days, powderpuff, boys volleyball, and a pep-rally.


Photo by: Samantha Zheng

Varsity Cheer performs a stunt during the pep rally on Thursday.

Abby Thomas, Sports Editor

During the week of September 21-24, leading into the Upper School Homecoming dance, McKinney Christian Academy participates in powderpuff and a week full of spirit dress days. Students threw on their boots last week for a western hoedown inspired homecoming. From Mickey Mouse to Princess Snow White, Disney themed outfits fit the theme for Magical Monday. On Tuesday, students arrived on tropic time in their Tropical Tuesday outfits. Hawaiian shirts, hats and sunglasses displayed paradise on the MCA campus. Junior Grayson Wilkinson said, “Tropical Tuesday was my favorite dress day because I got to wear my favorite hawaiian shirt.” Students slipped on their jeans, boots and cowboy hats for Western Wednesday.

On Thursday, students came to school ready to compete in powderpuff and volleyball. The girls started the day early with powderpuff. Sophomores and seniors battled in the first game, with the sophomores taking the victory 7-0. Sophomore Ava Thompson scored the first touchdown of the day. Next, the undefeated juniors conquered the freshmen with a 21-0 win. In the third game, the freshmen and seniors arrived at the goalpost for a kickoff. Senior Paxton Crews and freshman Kadence Ackmann represented their grades in the kickoff. Ackmann kicked a 30 yard field goal to secure a freshman victory and placing third overall in powderpuff. In the championship game, sophomores and juniors battled it out for first place. The juniors added another year to their winning streak with a 14-0 victory over the sophomores. Junior quarterback Kate Nordhaus said, “We have a lot of great athletes on our team and a good bond between our girls. All of our hard work and practicing paid off.”

Back in the Student Life Center, the boys prepared for volleyball. In the first game, the seniors dominated the sophomores, automatically placing seniors in the championship. Next, juniors battled the freshmen, moving the juniors into the championship. In the third game, sophomores beat the freshman for a spot in third place. In the championship game, senior boys held their win streak placing first overall.

Thursday ended with a pep-rally hosted by the Mustangs cheer team. Both Middle School and Upper School cheerleaders put on a performance for the students. Fall sports were also recognized during the pep-rally. In the week leading up to the Homecoming dance, students express their creativeness and competitiveness in the spirit dress days and activities.

Students dressed as Disney characters for Magical Monday. (Photo by: Abbi Cooper)
Upper School students in Hawaiian shirts for Tropical Tuesday. (Photo by: Abbi Cooper)
Students pose in cowboy hats and jeans for Western Wednesday. (Photo by: Samantha Zheng )
Sophomore Jax Marshall passes the ball over the net. (Photo by: Samantha Zheng)
Juniors hold up a number “three” for their third year win in powderpuff. (Photo by: Lizzie Smith)