2021 Economics Fair


Photo by: courtesy photo

Seniors Elizabeth Etheredge and Samantha Youngblood at their booth before the Economics Fair

Samantha Youngblood, Editor-In-Chief

Each year, seniors are given the opportunity to show off their entrepreneurship skills as well as what they have learned in Phillip Davis’ Economics class at the Economics Fair. Over the first 12 weeks of school, seniors work to develop their own business. Students study methods of marketing, take surveys, make a commercial, design artwork to advertise, manages finances and make their products. The day before Thanksgiving break, November 19, seniors have the opportunity to sell on the Lower School deck. Senior business owners showed up early Friday morning in the chilly weather to design their own table set up to attract people to their booth. A variety of products are sold at the Economics Fair such as jewelry, food, clothing and coffee.

Senior Will Penny and his partner Rebekha Impiccini did a claw game for their Economics Fair project, and were successful. Penny said, “It was a fun insight into what it takes to run a real business.” Seniors Campbell May and Maddie Clark sold pop-its, custom stickers and did hair tinsel. When asked what she thought about Economics Fair, May said, “I loved being able to sell at the Economics Fair. We were able to set up a salon for people to get hair tinsel tied in their hair, and people loved it. It was so fun learning how to make and run my own business with Maddie.” Seniors Samantha Youngblood and Elizabeth Etheredge donated 20% of their profits from the Economics Fair to Makayla Noble, a friend who was recently paralyzed, and her rehabilitation. When Davis was asked about how he thought his students did he said, “I was pleasantly surprised that no one died. It is always a nice shock when they make money.”

Economics Fair is an exciting day for both the seniors and the customers and every year it is pleasantly anticipated by all and kicks off the holiday season.

Customers at Senior Elliott Mahadi’s Economics Fair booth. (Photo by: Elliott Mahadi)
Seniors Grant Hursh and Dalton Sanders dressed up as cowboys and took pictures with customers. (Photo by: Courtesy Photo)
Senior Marshall Stubbs did a thrift store for his Economics Fair project. (Photo by: Courtesy Photo)
Senior Will Penny running his claw machine. (Photo by: Courtesy Photo)
Seniors Madi Cheatham and Abbi Cooper selling accessories at the Economics Fair. (Photo by: Darrin Cooper)