Lil Stangs Basketball

The Lil Stangs basketball season has begun.


Photo by: courtesy photo

Lil Stangs pose for a post-game photo.

Tyler Swearingen, staff writer

The Lil Stangs first grade boys basketball team currently holds a 3-1-1 record. The 12 first-grade boys started their season in December and will end in February. When asked about coaching the team, Coach Micah Hedges stated, “ I love coaching this age because it’s an introduction to basketball and teaches the boys to be good teammates and opponents and more importantly I get to incorporate a Christ aspect since we are representing MCA.” The Lil Stangs fifth grade girls basketball team’s season started on December 4. The team’s current record is 3-3 with two games remaining in their season. When asked about his favorite part about coaching the team, Coach Neil Fletcher stated, ”I enjoy coaching the team because I have the opportunity to coach my daughter and her friends at school. Just sharing the excitement with the girls each week and seeing their skills improve, playing together as a team, having fun, and learning good sportsmanship.” Lil Stangs also fields two kindergarten and second grade teams, a fourth grade and 5th grade boys team.

Lil Stangs get ready for tip off (Photo by: courtesy photo)
Lil Stangs girls listen to their coach. (Photo by: courtesy photo)
Lil Stangs pray for their upcoming game. (Photo by: courtesy photo)