Seniors Take A Trip To Little Rock, Arkansas


Photo by: courtesy photo

The seniors pose with the warehouse workers for a quick picture before heading back home.

Samantha Youngblood, Editor-In-Chief

For missions week, 34 seniors traveled to Little Rock, Arkansas to serve at the Arkansas Dream Center as well as City Serve. These are both organizations operating under Every Arkansan in inner-city Little Rock. Arkansas Dream Center is an organization that partners with families and schools in the Little Rock community to provide after school care for kids. City Serve is an organization that helps local churches by providing a variety of supplies as well as training and community. The seniors caravanned to Little Rock on Monday, February 28 and went immediately to the Dream Center. The students were able to walk some kids home from school to the Dream Center. Once all of the children arrived, everyone played outside together. Some senior girls were taught a dance and got their hair braided while the boys played football. After, the seniors helped all of the students with their homework and some played with playdough with the Pre-K students. Each day, a few other seniors went on the Dream Center’s mobile bus to do the same thing with kids, but in local neighborhoods. The seniors were then able to eat dinner with the students before they went home. On Monday night after the Dream Center, the seniors went to a jump park and Purple Cow Diner. The next day, the students drove to City Serve, a partnering organization with the Dream Center, to serve there. At the City Serve warehouse, the Seniors organized various items for local churches by unloading palettes, sorting pallets, making palettes to send off to churches and even destroying some palettes. The seniors accomplished an immense amount of work in the warehouse. The seniors moved, prepped and completed 141 pallets equaling over $150,000 in four days. The seven churches these pallets are going to will be able to reach an estimated 4,000 families with the Gospel. Each day, the Senior worked at the warehouse from 8 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., went to lunch and then went to the Dream Center from 2:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. When asked about his experience in Arkansas, senior Carson Lee said, “Arkansas was such an amazing experience. The kids were so sweet and the friendships I created with them were truly special. I am so blessed that I got to go on this mission trip.” This trip is anticipated by the seniors every year and exceeded everyone’s expectations this year. The bonds that the seniors make with the warehouse workers and the students are ones that last a lifetime.

Seniors Maddie Simmons, Jake Atherton and Caden King hanging out with the kids at the Dream Center mobile program. (Photo by: courtesy photo)
The seniors take a picture with all of the Dream Center kids on their last day there. (Photo by: Phillip Davis)
A picture of the seniors working at the City Serve warehouse. (Photo by: Phillip Davis)
The seniors hanging out with the younger Dream Center students. (Photo by: courtesy photo)
Seniors Samantha Youngblood, Elizabeth Etheredge and Sammie Pogue playing with some of the girls during free time. (Photo by: Phillip Davis)
Senior boys destroying palettes at the City Serve warehouse. (Photo by: Phillip Davis)