Disaster Relief Mission Trip


Photo by: courtesy photo

Sophomores Reagan Pogue and Grace Krause paint the outside of the house.

Sarah Krusing, Campus Editor

During McKinney Christian Academy’s annual mission week, select senior students had the opportunity to travel down to Houston, Texas to help with disaster relief from the ice storm last February. Students worked with an organization called Restoration Team formed four and a half years ago after Hurricane Harvey. Students work included helping with families’ homes that had either flooded or had other damages. On February 28, everyone loaded up on the bus and headed to Houston for the week.

In the students time there, they were split into two groups. While one group scrapped off paint outside, the other groups painted the walls on the inside. During their week in Houston, they stayed at Pines Presbyterian Church. Senior Abigail Dahl added that “I was definitely impacted by this trip because I got to see how much joy could be brought into someone’s life by things that we think are so small. My favorite part of the trip was being able to build new and better relationships with people that I usually would not talk to.” These students were able to help three different repair their homes and move towards recovery. This experience was a unique opportunity to serve others and bond with one another.

Sophomore Wyatt Tessier takes a break from painting. (Photo by: courtesy photo)
Seniors Angelina Barrow and Abigail Dahl and pose for a picture while repainting inside. (courtesy photo)