Lower School Bug Day


Photo by: courtesy photo

First Graders dress up on Bug Day.

Allie Stephenson, staff writer

On March 30th, the McKinney Christian Academy Lower School students participated in Bug Day. Bug Day is when the Lower School students dress up as different bugs or insects and participate in fun activities. In the morning, a scientist showed the students different insects and the students got to see and touch many different insects, including a tarantula. In the afternoon, Lower School parents got to come to the school and they participated in fun games and activities. When asked about Bug Day, Lower School teacher Elise McKeller said that “I enjoyed seeing all my students dress up as different insects and bugs. I loved all the costumes including the butterflies, grasshoppers and praying mantis.”

First grader Landry Keith studies a butterfly. (Photo by: courtesy photo)
Grace Weller, first grader does some bug arts and crafts. (Photo by: courtesy photo)
First grader Eva Grisby touches a live bug. (Photo by: courtesy photo)