Senior Samantha Youngblood’s Long-lasting Backpack

Senior Sam Youngblood carries the same backpack for 13 years.


Photo by: courtesy photo

Kindergarten picture of Sam Youngblood on the left next to senior picture on the right.

Abby Thomas, Sports Editor

Senior Sam Youngblood has attended McKinney Christian Academy since sixth grade, however, she has carried the same backpack with her since kindergarten in 2009. The backpack is from the designer brand Coach and features a pink, purple and blue pattern of the letter “C” with metallic gold straps. Her grandma bought it for her at the beginning of her kindergarten year at Wilmeth Elementary. Since kindergarten, the long-lasting backpack has carried all of her books, assignments and lots of memories that have caused some wear and tear. Not until her junior year did the backpack develop a rip across the top. The rip did not stop Youngblood from carrying her backpack for her last year of high school. The backpack not only holds memories, but it brings back memories from the past. Youngblood says, “This backpack means so much to me because after my grandmother was diagnosed with dementia, this backpack was one of the few things she has remembered about me. Every time I show her the picture of me wearing the backpack, she remembers the day she gave it to me.” Youngblood hopes to sew up the rip across the back and take it to Texas Christian University for college.

Senior Sam Youngblood on her first day of kindergarten. (Photo by: courtesy photo)