Senior Spotlight: Jack Mitas and Sutton Mayberry

Today’s Senior Spotlight is Jack Mitas and Sutton Mayberry.


Samantha Youngblood, Editor-In-Chief

Today’s Senior Spotlight is Jack Mitas and Sutton Mayberry.

Jack Mitas has been attending McKinney Christian Academy since Kindergarten. During his time at MCA, he has been involved in National Honor Society and golf. In his free time, Mitas enjoys hanging out with his friends, going to the gym and golfing. After graduation, he plans to attend the University of Oklahoma. His favorite memory from his time at MCA was going on college tour his sophomore year. A fun fact about him that some people might not know is that he loves his dogs, Rosie and Dallas.

Sutton Mayberry first started attending McKinney Christian Academy in Pre-Kindergarten. However, he had to leave after his fourth grade year to move to San Antonio. After two years separated, Sutton returned to MCA in sixth grade to graduate six years later. Mayberry has been involved broadcast, track, football, philosophy, government, study hall, environmental science, lunch, statistics class, and English class. In his free time, Mayberry enjoys reading comic books. When he graduates, Mayberry intends to start a rap group with his friend Sebastian. He is attending the University of Oklahoma. Mayberry’s favorite memory during his time at MCA was completing his homework assignments and studying for his tests. A fun fact about Mayberry is that he enjoys listening to Ben Shapiro’s podcast.