Both Middle School Volleyball Teams Sniff Out Wins

Both Of the Mckinney Christian Middle School Volleyball Teams Win Easily In 2 Sets.


Photo by: Mia Gunn

The D1 team huddles up ready to begin a new set.

Noah Melton, staff writer

On Tuesday, September 20,  McKinney Christian Academy Middle School Volleyball team faced off against the Providence Eagles. This time around, the Mustangs were playing at home in the Student Life Center. The first game was the D2 volleyball team and then the D1 team played soon after. The D1 team won in two sets staying undefeated with a record of 6-0. The D2 team also won their game in two sets. Seventh grader Elizabeth Thompson said, “It was a tough team we played, but we focused up and locked in and came out with a win.” The next game for the Mustangs is on Tuesday, September 27 against Good Shepherd.

D2 Seventh grader Cana Wilson tosses the ball up ready to serve.
D2 Libero eighth grader Charlee Barnes passes the ball up for a potential point.
D1 Seventh grader Ellie Mullins gets ready to serve the ball.
The D1 team celebrates after winning the first set.