Big DOGz Last Parade

Fifth grade “Big Dogz” and Pajama Day Parade.


Photo by: Preslea Wilson

Preslea Wilson, staff writer

On October 28, McKinney Christian Academy’s lower school students participated in their annual Pajama Day Parade. The MCA fifth graders also had their first Big DOGz on October 21. Fifth graders have the privilege of participating in an activity called “Big DOGz.” The DOGz stands for Disciples of God. Grayson Remy said, “I love Big DOGz because we got to talk about God while wearing bandanas.” Each month these students meet with their assigned small group and engage in a Bible study. The Pajama Parade includes all of the lower school students. Grisham Barbour said, “I loved the pj parade because we got to yell and have a lot of fun.” These students got to walk down the deck and to were greeted by their parents. The students celebrated by spending time with friends and family. Lower school parents and teachers honored the class of 2030 during this event.

Lower school Kinder students line up for parade. (Photo by: Preslea Wilson)
Lower school students smile for PJ day. (Photo by: Preslea Wilson)