Night of Worship

MCA hosts a live worship experience in the Student Life Center.


Photo by: David Roller

Bleecker and the worship band preform “All Hail King Jesus.”

Genevieve Breton, staff writer

On Thursday, November 3, McKinney Christian Academy hosted a night of worship in the Student Life Center at 6:30 p.m. Approaching the month of November, the worship night is designed to begin celebrating the Thanksgiving season. During this time, the community came together to experience a night of heartfelt worship, focused on God’s continued faithfulness and provision for MCA throughout its 30-year history. Guest pastor and MCA parent Michael Bleecker lead the worship night. As a member of the worship band, freshman Avery Shall said, “We had a guest worship leader Michael Bleecker and band member from his church who played and it was really fun. There was a bunch of lower school and middle school kids and parents. It was really good to worship with everybody and to have experience with a full band.” MCA plans to carry on this tradition in the years to come.

Worship band members Shall and Mullins play along with the guest band. (Photo by: David Roller)
A full audience attends the event. (Photo by: David Roller)
Audience lifts their hands in praise. (Photo by: David Roller)