7th and 8th Grade Theatre Perform “Oz”

The 7th and 8th grade theatre classes perform their annual fall shows.


Photo by: Laura Smith

Seventh graders, Landrie Joseph, Brooks Brown and Elizabeth Thompson star as leads in “Oz.”

Audrey Wedemeyer, staff writer

On Thursday, November 10, the seventh grade theatre class put on their annual fall play. This year seventh grade students performed “Oz.” This story follows a young girl named Beth who finds herself in a world very similar to “The Wizard of Oz.” The show contains familiar characters from the original production such as the scarecrow, the tin man and the cowardly lion. The following day, November 11, the 8th grade theatre students performed “When Good Things Happen to Good Actors.” This production is a comedy with forgotten lines and messed up cues. The whole storyline follows a group of actors who are trying to put on a production of “The Wizard of Oz,” but everything goes wrong. When asked about the performances, Theatre Director Julie Tucker said, “ Both shows went really well. The students learned a lot about the process of producing a play and all their hard work paid off with wonderful productions.”

Seventh grader Landrie Joseph acts out her part as Beth. (Photo by: Laura Smith)
Seventh grader Quinn Schall acts as the guide while talking to Beth, played by Landrie Joseph. (Photo by: Laura Smith)